Attitude WhatsApp Status Messages and SMS – Love & Funny Quotes Online

Attitude WhatsApp Status Messages and SMS – Love & Funny Quotes Online

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Good Attitude Status For Whatsapp :

Here are some of the most beautiful Attitude Whatsapp StatusGood Attitude Status For Whatsapp , Cool Whatsapp Status, Cool Whatsapp Status Messages , Best Whatsapp Status Messages , short status for whatsapp about love , awesome Whatsapp Status , Whatsapp Status Motivational . If you read all of these really you enjoy it.

-God is really creative , i mean ..just look at me.

-Each new day is another chance to change your life.

-It is a positive attitude towards life that makes dreams come true.

-A deaf child says “For all of you I am deaf but for me all of you are dumb”. Life have different perspective live the way you want to!!

Not always available, try your luck 

-fun is like life insurance.The older you get..the more it cost’s.

-I like to take road less travelled…..helps me to avoid traffic.

-My desire to be better every day grows more and more that they would fill the world.

-There are so many things in this world that distract us, take advantage of those that are really valuable.

-Life is too short. Don’t waste it reading my watsapp status….

-Never mind if it the results are good or bad, if you give your best, you would realize that you did the right thing.

-Let happiness flood your heart and you would see that the bad times will vanish instantly.

-Love marriage is like dancing in front of snake and asking him to bite.

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-I Am Not Special , I Am Just Limited Edition

-My attitude depends on the people in front of me….

-It’s the good girls who keep diaries;the bad girls never have the time.

-I am single because God is busy writing the best love story for me…

– I don’t have time to hate people,who hate me.because, I’m too busy in loving people who love me.

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I enjoy when people show Attitude to me because it shows that they need an Attitude to impress me!

Life was much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits.

Short Funny Quotes in Hindi :

Here you read the best Short Funny Quotes in Hindi , Whatsapp Status  in Hindi , Short Funny Quotes in Hindi for Whatsapp ,  Good Love Quotes in Hindi , Best Life Status for Whatsapp in Hindi. you love these funny quotes.

 ” ज़हासे तेरी बादशाही खत्म होंती हे ,
वहासे मेरी नवाबी सुरु होती हे !! “

”  इसी बात से लगा लेना मेरी शोहरत का अन्दाजा…
वो मुझे सलाम करते है, जिन्हे तु सलाम करता हैं !! “

” तू जिद हे इस दिल की , वरना इन आँखो ने  , और भी हसीन चेहरे देखे हे “

” हालात ने तोड़ दिया हमें कच्चे धागे की तरह…
वरना हमारे वादे भी कभी ज़ंजीर हुआ करते थे..”

” सिर्फ तेरे इश्क की गुलामी में हु आज भी ,
वरना ये दिल एक अरसे तक नवाब रहा हे !!! “

” टूटे हुए सपनो और छुटे हुए अपनों ने मार दिया……
वरना ख़ुशी खुद हमसे मुस्कुराना सिखने आया करती थी…. “

” हक़ से दो तो तेरी नफरत भी कुबूल है हमें ,
खैरात में तो हम तुम्हारी मोहब्बत भी न लें … ”

शेर खुद अपनी ताकत
से राजा केहलाता है;
जंगल मे चुनाव नही होते.. ।।

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Best whatsapp funny Quotes & Best Whatsapp Status Messages :

Are you looking for Best Whatsapp Status Messages , Best whatsapp funny Quotes , Whatsapp Status Motivational

I will marry the girl, who look pretty in her Adhaar card

My attitude is my frame of mind,

I have found that if you love life, life will love you always.

Like me a second person you can’t find.

Ever had an encounter with the police officer? Always greet them when need be and do about turn to safe your wrists

Judge me and I’ll prove you wrong.
Crush me and I will stand up on my own.
The more that I hurt the more I will know I’m stronger each time, each time I fall.

Just took a look at a myself and just collapsed in front of the mirror after seeing how amazingly beautiful and smart I was

If all 80% is what is usually on single men’s brain then I have no problem with their small mistakes, after all they need helpers to be call MEN

A man asks a trainer in the gym: “I want 2 impress that beautiful girl , which machine can I use?” Trainer replies: “Use the ATM”

Besides gravity, nothing keeps me down.

Hey U Know
Which is the best day to propose a girl.. April 1
U Know Why??
If she accept its your luck
otherwise just tell April Foooooll.

When you are on a 1% battery anyone who sends a message, Or calling, Becomes the enemy ..

Winter as Hell – I ordered a pizza and the messenger comes with a Jet …


Beautiful Touching Lines For Whatsapp & Status Messages About Life :

Here you will get the Beautiful Touching Lines For Whatsapp Status Messages About Life , Status Messages About Life for Whatsapp , short status for whatsapp , short status for whatsapp about love ….

I need you like a heart needs a beat.

Life always offers you a second chance. it’s called tomorrow.

The first time you touched me, I knew I was born to be yours.

Success always hugs you in private… but failure always slaps you in the public ! that’s life.

A beautiful dress can change the personality but beautiful behavior can change the Life!!

Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit ….wisdom is not putting is a fruit salad.

Success always hugs you in private… but failure always slaps you in the public ! that’s life –

Live life to express NOT to IMPRESS

Each new day is another chance to change your life.

What is love? In math: an equation; in history: a war; in chemistry: a reaction; in art: a heart; in me: YOU.

When I first saw you, I Fell in love and you smiled because you knew.

I never feared death or trying. I only feared losing you.

You and me makes a wonderful WE.

And I promise you this, no matter who enters your life, I will love more than any of them.

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