Best Android Launchers Important Features that Need To Be Checke

Best Android Launchers Important Features that Need To Be Checke

Best Android Launchers important features that needs to be checked. Android users customize smart phone as well as tablet features using the launchers. While there are numerous superficial stuff that includes changing screen transitions, icons. as well as the fonts the Best Android Launchers is different proposition altogether. top best android launchers help users to customize their devices and their behavior befitting their requirements. Only thing that is necessary for them is to define how and what the customization would be.  Here you will get the all details about best android launchers which are the most useful to your smart phone.

Making Home Screen Simpler

One of the tasks that the best launchers android can perform for the user is making the home screen simpler. It does not mean that the app can be used for making the screen simpler. only but the reverse is also possible and the screen can be made complex as well.

It can also be possible tweaking every little details or just taking what is given to one by default. The feature of top best android launchers comes very handy in replacing the factory. built features of the best android launchers or tablet as the case may be.

Change of Pace with New Best Android Launcher

When there is need of change of pace from out-of-box software experiences on the phone. This can help change the software experience with the best Android tablet launchers. the best android launchers that are available around. But it would be good for the user to assess the pros and cons of the launchers.

List of Top 5 Android Launchers:

#1.Google Now Launcher

Google’s very own inventory top best android launcher is currently shared. however just because it is the Android mobile phone standard, does not suggest it really is tedious. For the funds (well, really, it really is free). you will get easy accessibility to The search engines.

At this point, button-free words controls, along with sufficient translucent window-bars to make you think you might be last Microsoft windows Vista.

It is appropriate right from the field with almost all Nexus along with The search engines Engage in Version equipment. along with two Min’s using a computer system are certain to get this jogging on almost all best Android launchers mobile phone some. back button devices. You should be mindful what you point out all-around this. the Massive G’s constantly listening, most likely.

#2.Nova Launcher

Nova along with Top (below) would be the two standout Android mobile phone launchers or 5 best android launchers. equally punch a great stability among possessing sufficient capabilities to personalize things. with no bogging you along with unfeasibly lengthy options directories along with teen degrees of sub-menu terrible.

Nova’s perhaps the higher quality on the two, with a few more possibilities in the free type (there is also the Perfect version). along with a little much better performance — however really. we are splitting very small Android mobile phone fur looking to find a positive change between your two.


Apex Pinnacle best android launcher for tablet. just like Nova, combines clean functionality in addition to ease-of-use having a excellent a higher level. customization to create a sincerely interesting substitute for most normal Android OS launchers.

Standout capabilities upon Pinnacle include a outstanding tablet. setting (finally enabling Nexus 7 managers to be able to swivel the property screen). as well as the Expert version provides the great Pinnacle Notifier support, that forces announcements into a widget on your own household display screen.

Although, Notifier requires jogging an additional iPhone app within the backdrop. which is a tiny strain upon power supply existence.  Again, the particular Expert version may price cash. so it will be value getting the particular free of charge version 1st top best android launchers.

#4.Launcher Pro

Launcher Pro Expert is one of the best android launchers in the market actually aimed at consumers using cell phones. which can be still to be able to preference the particular icy amazing benefits of Android os four. 0, Snow Ointment Sub, and therefore are however caught up using Gingerbread.

Even though it is lacking in many of the bells and whistles of it is heightened stablemates. Launcher Expert is usually a sound improve through the stock launcher. using much faster scrolling and more customization alternatives, and in some cases a number of smooth methods similar to limitless widget re sizing within the full-fat. paid-for version available for top best android launchers for tablet.

#5.Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher provides the typical pair of customization alternatives, but using a killer gain. a new user-created library involving thousands of themes or templates in addition to widgets you’ll be able to search, down load in addition to tinker with.

Whilst different top 5 best android launchers sense that masterpieces involving performance. looking for people the particular application you need, with minimum amount stress – News is about the particular aesthetics.

There are surely more efficient best android launchers free out there. but in case you are information on corresponding color of one’s shoelaces on your cravat (and don’t possess a great iPhone). subsequently this specific is among the most launcher to suit your needs.

Best Android Launchers

People looking for the top Android launchers would appreciate Action Launcher. It is one of the best options because it mixes things and changes any type of interface paradigm. There are no regular docks as well as the app drawer. Instead there is the slide-in-drawer that houses the apps and there are also shutters and covers. The benefits of using it would be getting all the apps as well as contents quicker.

Newest Version of Action Best Launchers

Latest version of the Action Launcher is the version 3 that would create a new design. It fits in well with the Android 5.0 Lollipop and it also introduces new features. While there is also a free version of Action Launcher that anyone to know what the real thing has to offer. the real version is among the best launchers Android OS that has come out so far.

Why Need Best Android Launcher

Android is undoubtedly the best and most popular operating system for both smart phones and tablets or mobile devices. The potential for customizing it is huge and that is the real beauty of the operating system. Problems that may be faced by the users can be easily solved. downloading apps that are required to give them the best Android experience. A potent example is the home screen of Android which can be so used and customized befitting the requirement of the user and only best Android launchers free can carry out the task successfully.

Understanding the Launcher

On any Android device the launcher is the app that helps the generating of home screen, app ‘grid’ and their launching from time to time. While the phones and tablets come with usual and traditional default Google launch. that may not serve the purpose of customization there could be requirements of an effective launcher to serve the purpose.

Also at times the companies manufacturing the smart phone or tablet offer their default launcher but customizations could be difficult using them. Hence the requirement would be best Android tablet launcher or smart phone Android launcher that can help easy customization and effective results for the user. When the user does not get on with the default launcher it is always good finding another one externally but that should be one of the best and affordable at the same time.

Some of the Best Android Launchers

Some of the Top Launcher Android that is around in 2015 is as follows.

  • Google Now Launcher is Android standard. It also gives the user’s easy access to Google. Some of the main features are button-free controls for voice and transparent window bars. The launcher is compatible with all Nexus as well as the Google Play Edition devices and it can run on all types of Android 4.4 and above handsets.
  • Nova Launcher as well as Apex Launcher offer excellent balances between the features and customization. It does not bog down the user with long lists of options and multiple subhead levels. However when it comes to comparing between the two.
  • Nova is perhaps the better as more options are available in its free version than the free version of Apex. Of course the professional version of Apex has the Notifier Service that puts it in the list of best Android launcher available in the market.
  • Launcher Pro is good for the users who have not migrated to latest versions of Android at 4.0 and later and are still dealing with Gingerbread. Yet it is an excellent upgrade from the stock launchers. Scrolling is faster and options for customization are much more in this version.
  • Buzz best android launcher has the advantage of a user-created library of themes and widgets. These can be browsed and downloaded and is the best where aesthetics is concerned. For less advanced phones and tablets this is certainly the desired launcher around.
  • It is also one of the most popular Android launchers that have made the mark in the minds of millions of users all over the world. For radical outlook the Buzz is almost unbeatable.
  • Dodol best android launcher is another popular top Android launcher that has been installed on over ten million phones all over the world. The operation is simple and keeps the operation simpler.
  • Smart Launcher takes different things and turns them inside out in lieu of rows and boxes. It gives the rings most commonly used apps as well as vertical cascades of applications that are categorized. The item is linked to the application manager and when an icon is deleted the app would get deleted as well.

There are different types of Android launchers in the market and each one has its own pros and cons. But these are some each of which can be considered the best Android launcher. 855 Emerson Road Alexandria, LA 71301