Cloud Computing in 2015 -2020

Cloud Computing in 2015 -2020

One of the areas of information technology that has made huge strides in recent times is cloud computing. Revenues accumulated by stake holders in the industry has been rising at a meteoric rate of around 30% per annum and is likely to reach the figure of $106 billion by 2016. This is a conservative calculation as it registers around 21% growth over the 2015 projected revenue earnings.

Much Greater than Overall IT Growth

The growth registered by the cloud computing industry is much greater than the overall growth that is annually registered by the information technology industry which stands at 5% only. More and more enterprise size deals are coming up in case of cloud computing infrastructures as well as in their applications. Consultancy and research firms are coming up with divergent forecasts about the prospective future of cloud computing in the zone of information technology industry but the common view is that the adoption has been accelerating with global acceptance of the technology.

Projected Growth of Cloud Computing

Analysts and researchers have predicted certain trends in the cloud computing industry that may have global impacts on the information technology industry as a whole. They have predicted that by the year 2018, around 59% of the cloud workloads will come up as SaaS or Software-as-a-Service and this will be an immense growth over the 2013 figures of 41%. Besides this it is also assumed that around 28% of the cloud computing workloads will be carried in form of IaaS or infrastructure-as-a-service by the performers. This indicates a considerable decline from 2013 when the proportion was 44% of the industry output as a whole. Similarly, the PaaS or Platform-as-a-Service will come down to around 13% from the 15% in 2013. Thus the analysts expect huge growth of SaaS during the five years from 2013-18.


Closer Look at Near Future

However 2018 is still some times away and it could be good having a look at the current trends and the projections from 2015 and 2016 in respect of the cloud computing technologies. The market growth is likely to be $32.88 billion in 2016 as against $13.58 in the year 2011. This shows nearly 19% growths annually. That is why the demands for cloud computing in the market have increased considerably and around 42% of the decision makers in the information technology industry are seriously contemplating resorting to cloud computing. The growth rate is more visible in medium and large enterprises with 1000 or more employees and the overall growth stands at 52%.

Components for Investments

While the overall revenue earning and investments are growing consistently in case of cloud computing, the lion’s shares of the investments are made in respect of integration and management of storage and databases. It is also expected that the growth rate would be the highest in 2015 making it a transitional period from traditional to cloud computing technology adoption. It is projected that the spending on enterprise software might reach $620 billion during the year 2015.

SaaS Revenue Generation

According to the latest calculation by the analysts and researchers, the generation of SaaS revenue will reach $132.57 in the year 2015 as the projected annual growth rate of such revenue would be around 9.14%. The forecast made by Foresters Public Analysts have projected that the figure would reach around $180 billion by 2020. A look at the market will reveal that Amazon along has been able to grab $48 billion in form of revenues so far which comes to 26% of the IaaS as well as the PaaS markets around during 2014. Fact remains that every research and analysis projects huge growth in cloud computing during the current decade, especially in the last five years, though they tend to differ a bit on the extent of growth.

In the world of information technology, the battle of giants in the field of cloud computing has just begun and each of the players is trying to get the better of their rivals. Three major fields in the IT industry are mobile devices, security, and cloud computing covering 28%, 36%, and 31% respectively and the prediction is that by the year 2016 cloud computing might overtake the other two quite easily and conveniently. 855 Emerson Road Alexandria, LA 71301