It Is Now Time For Windows 10

It Is Now Time For Windows 10

When Windows 95 made its appearance in the market, many users just loved the graphical user interface it presented and it started the era of operating system that is visual application based instead of programming language based like many others. Soon other operating systems including LINUX also followed suit introducing their GUI versions. Since then the Windows OS, one of the most popular in the market has undergone many evolutionary changes and improvements. Windows 98, Millennium, Windows Vista, and Windows XP followed one after another of which the last one was very popular and used until recently.

Windows 7 and Onwards

A new era of Microsoft Windows commenced with the introduction of the Windows 7 and this again was followed by Windows 8 and now Microsoft has announced Windows 10. Since each of the new versions have some of the latest technological features, it is expected that the new version of Windows OS will have some interesting features as well. Since the cat is already out of the bag and the CEO of the company himself has given the hints about it, the most likely outcome would be its introduction in the market as full version in the year 2015.

Seamless Performance

The objective of the new version is to enable to users to use seamlessly the operating system with various upgrades on the popular office software used in the system. In addition; there are also updates to the Xbox videogame systems coupled with a digital assistant that is voice activated and Microsoft is also contemplating introducing a new web browser for the users.

Products Gaining More Importance

Despite the long standing association of windows with Microsoft it does not hold the prime position it once had as the prized possession of the company. Instead, the focus has shifted on to office and Azure that is a service of corporate cloud computing. Yet the importance of Windows for Microsoft cannot be overlooked and it continues to be a linchpin in their business strategies. Businesswise the operating system accounts for nearly 80% of the profits earned by the company annually. Thus the launching of the Windows 10 is an important event for one of the leading IT companies of the world.

High Stake Software

Stakes are particularly high in case of Windows 10 and Microsoft needs to take care of all issues relating to it. Some of the issues like lack of platform independence that hampered the progress of previous versions and providing gateways for new add on services are a couple of issues that the company needs to take care of. Introduction of new features and compatibility systems in the operating systems is also essential for salvaging the dwindling smart phone business of the company. Till date Windows phone is no match for Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone basically because of the weakness in the operating system. Windows system has proved inadequate to meet the challenges of both Android and iOS for that matter.

What Previews Reveal

Some of the previews of the Windows 10 have revealed that it contains some of the versions but not its entire predecessor, the Windows 8. There has been no Windows 9 as such and Windows 10 follows the 8 version. Microsoft is now dispensing with its attempts at fusion of features of mobile and PC in one and the screen that was offering smart phone apps on the PC Intentions of the developers and designers in doing so are simple. They want to keep Windows what the people expect them to be and nothing out of the way or unique.

Stability and Familiarity Counts

Many users do not like unfamiliar apps packed in their system which not only confuse but even irritate them considerably. On the other hand such people prefer stability and familiarity. Users of old versions of Windows should not feel at bay while using the new version. That is also why Windows XP was often preferred to Vista and other higher versions and even today many users are sticking to Windows 7 despite Windows 8 and now Windows 10 making their appearances.

All said and done everything is transitory in the technological world and it is also time perhaps to accept that in case of the Windows OS and migrate to it. But that will also depend on how the designers have built it up and how convenient the users of Windows 7 and 8 feel about it. 855 Emerson Road Alexandria, LA 71301