Latest Developments Relating to Android

Latest Developments Relating to Android

World of technology is highly volatile and what is new and unique today quickly turns old and obsolete with the passage of time. It is natural that most of the gadgets are continuously getting both hardware and software upgrades but the pace at which the upgrades in case of the later are appearing on the horizon is much faster than their hardware counterparts. It is the same with Android based gadgets. Read Also about Best Android Launchers

Introduction of Lollipop to LG G3 in US

Of late the leading player in the technological world of computing AT&T has introduced the Android 5.0 Lollipop as an upgrade to their LG G3 all over the world. However for the US based customers it does not have much meaning as the US edition of the phone which was tuck to Kitkat until recently. Things tend to change with the introduction of Android 5.0 Lollipop and in some cases even better, the 5.0.1 version for customers using G3 and Wi-Fi. While the introduction is not the material design makeover or something akin to it, the international update tends to give the users better feel with their devices. Other lead carriers in US are also not likely to stay far behind and sooner or later they will be following the suit introducing Google Android on their devices. Check Out Top Android Launchers


End of a Bitter Battle

After a prolonged legal battle, Microsoft and Samsung have finally settled their long drawn dispute over the Android royalties. Finally they have reached an agreement over the patent and royalty issues smoothing out things between the two techs giants. No details of the deal are publicly available as both Microsoft and Samsung are maintaining close secrecy over the issues.See Top 5 Android Launchers Yet the most likely outcome is that Samsung had to pay out much more than what it planned to as it is most unlikely that the Windows developers, shrewd businessmen as they are, would walk away empty handed from the scenario.

Back to the Creator

But it is time to go back to Google who have now come up with the Lollipop update that will show up on the any of the Android One phones. A recent revelation shows that Android 5.1 is already floating around and used by many but not where one expects them to be; with legal buyers. It seems that the hackers and unscrupulous elements are making a hay day using unlawfully the technological marvel. The app is appearing even on the low cost Android One phones and this is perhaps also the first time that the creator Google has publicly agreed and acknowledged that they have upgraded the app. Unlike in case of other updates, the big Google blog is missing in this case.

Hefty Maintenance Release of Lollipop to LG G3

Some experts consider the update as one of the hefty maintenance releases by Google. While there are many features of update in the app such as the stability features, improvement memory features as well as the battery management including connectivity fixes and tops all these with the reintroduction of the silent mode, the Lollipop 5.1 are also making their pop up appearance in some websites like the AndroidPit. Many are looking for an explanation of all these from Google though it is not coming up. What actually is likely to come is the update and the update might come pretty quickly as well.

How it Started

Pertinent question for most users and designers is how it all started. The commencement of the new update seems to coincide with the updating of the landing page in the Indonesian Android One by Google just around a week back. It came with the announcement that followed and claimed that the fastest versions of the Android Lollipop 5.1 will run on even the low cost devices. It may be that by introducing such features Google aims to capture the emerging market of low and medium cost payers and even in such cases it is necessary bringing to them the latest and Best Android Tablet Launchers to that the vast community of buyers can be tapped. Obviously, Google has been working on such ideologies.

As operating system the popularity of Android is unquestionable and it has become the premier app for the smart phones all over the world. The only problem sometimes the users are facing is that sneaky and ad-spewing apps are landing on many Android devices and it is time that Google catches them and takes steps to eliminate them. 855 Emerson Road Alexandria, LA 71301