Network Support for Your Mobile Phone

Network Support for Your Mobile Phone

One of the problems that most mobile users face in using their mobile sets is the compatibility with mobile networks. Very often the mobile phones provided by a specific company is found compatible with one or more particular networks and many such phones are factory locked so that they can cater to a particular network. That is why most users are looking for mobiles that will be 4G compliant and compatible to all the three network frequencies.

Good News for Users

However there is good news for the users because most of the latest models of smart phones offer all the three frequencies though Virgin mobile makes its 4G services available only for the commercial customers. Yet it is extremely essential for the users to know whether their phone is supported by the networks.


New Three Phones

The new Three smart phones have acquired to capabilities like its contemporary, the Vodafone and have the capability to offer a couple of different frequencies and that is why it could quickly become popular in the users’ circles. One requires a phone with LTE supports in the range of 800-1800 MHz for the purpose.

Checking the Network Compatibility

As already said the user needs to know whether the smart phone bought by him or her has the compatibility with the network in which he or she is working. One cannot overlook the controversy that followed the launching of iPhone5 by Apple as many users suffered from the network compatibility problems. The phone did not come with 02’s 4G network support. The other two; the Virtual Networked Tesco Mobile as well as the GiffGoff use the network as they are based on the 800 MHz spectrum. There are also many that are compatible to the network but do not have the support of 4G which many users look forward to.

Knowing the Specifications

To check the compatibility with the network, it is necessary learning the specifications of the particular smart phone. The most important aspects are as follows. The easiest way to find out this is using the checker tool which is there in the Three models. It is only a matter of moving to the page and selecting the particular device and finding out whether it supports the network one is using. While buying other devices it would be expedient for the user to find out whether there is any such tool in the smart phone purchased but when it comes to Three the user will not have any problem since the tool is in built. Also going by the Google band numbering system the bands one would be searching for in UK are 3, 7, and 20.

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6

A new projection in the world of smart phones is the Samsung Galaxy S6 and will be coming in three models namely, S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Active. Beauty of all these is that they are all three network compatible and British residents will not have any problem in using them. Till date the major players in the field are iPhone6, Samsung Galaxy Note4, and Google Nexus6 and they are among the best smart phones in the market. But the latest in the series like the Three is the Samsung Galaxy S6 series which provides complete compatibility.

Probable Release Date

New flagship smart phone of Samsung is likely to see daylight during the MWC 2015. For most of the users the major consideration now is network compatibility and the Galaxy S6 aims to address these issues effectively. The most probable date is 1st day of March on the eve of MWC at Barcelona. This also conforms to the tradition of Samsung in coming out with different new models close to the MWC of the corresponding year. Since the MWC 2015 is scheduled for March 2nd the Galaxy S6 series is likely to hit the market by that time.

One of the concerns of the probable users would be the price of the newest smart phone released by Samsung. It is expected by the experts that the UK price will hover around £549 whereas the Android Pit predicts that it could be in the range of 749-849 Euro that would be approximately £565 +. But it can also be safely predicted that within months of release the price will come down by 20% as is the trend and by the end of the year it could reduce by 35%-40% of the original MRP. 855 Emerson Road Alexandria, LA 71301