Pick Your Phone And Ask Zimmber To Avail Household Services

Pick Your Phone And Ask Zimmber To Avail Household Services

Having shifted into Mumbai and found an apartment to settle down, it is going to be a tough few days of settling down. You have plenty of things to take care of, apart from fixing household utilities and installations. Everyone is well aware of the rush in Mumbai as millions of people in this cosmopolitan go out for their livelihood and leading their lives. In this milieu, it will be a difficult proposition for you to find a person or different persons, who can repair the electrical connections, fix the antenna, check the geyser and fit different electrical connections. There will be need to put in nails, mend the plumbing and do such Home Cleaning Services.

Zimmber as a well established household services provider

Since the start of Zimmber in Mumbai, people have been using the services of this company to call for handyman services to look after minor electrical problems, mend the pipes and do such chores. These kinds of services are not easily available, especially in a city like Mumbai. Although almost every household will need these services, there is an issue of finding the right person or agency, which will cater to such problems. Since these are not major works, contractors will not usually handle them. There are some people in the locality, but finding them becomes difficult and may take a few days or weeks’ time. With the launch of Zimmber website, it has become easier to locate the services of handymen, who can look into the small household problems. The services through Zimmber are now further easily availed by people living in Mumbai and Pune, because of the launch of the mobile application.

Click here to Download Zimmber App


Zimmber mobile app is a cryptic little software being provided through Android OS platform, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store by anyone, who has a smartphone with Android device. It is an app which is also quite interesting and self explanatory to see, there being no confusion about the possibility of services offered by Zimmber. Furthermore, it is quite easy to download the applications and easier to go through the app usage.

Usage process

With the Zimmber app downloaded in the android phone, you can check the list of services presently being provided through this company in Mumbai and Pune. The possible services which people can avail are electrical services, plumbing fitting and repair, AC services and repairs and painting jobs and even it caters to the search for suitable household chores people.

From the home page, you can select the particular service that you want to avail. This will take you to the service that is being provided after which you will have to give your address and the convenient time by which the service person can reach. This ends the appointment that you need to provide to the company. Rest will be upon Zimmber to follow up on you call and make sure that the handyman reaches your doorsteps in the designated time.

Benefits of Zimmber app

As far as the app is concerned, it is quite handy to use and easy to download. But, the real test of the app lies in the response that Zimmber team provides. These services are supposedly quite efficient because the company has collaborated with many technicians of electricity, plumbing, ACs and painting, who are also getting service opportunities by the help of Zimmber App.

The costs are quite reasonable, because the costs are determined by the Zimmber Company and house owners do not need to bargain about the prices. Also, these servicemen are of good nature and polite, for which there is an assurance of safety for people.

The app is possible to be accessed, even when people are on the move and they can simply let their issues known, even if they are out of the home. Portability is therefore an essential part of the benefits of the app.

Zimmber has proven to be a great way to avail household handyman services and the user interface being convenient and smooth, promises to be a great way to mend issues in the house of varied nature, even though you are new in the city of Mumbai or Pune.

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