Robots With Human Attitude- Truth or Myth

Robots With Human Attitude- Truth or Myth

When Joe Cartwright entered the hotel reception he was greeted by a lovely damsel who greeted him like the traditional hostess. She lead her to the room booked by him and helped him tidy up the luggage in place. And when Joe thanked her for the services rendered she responded with a nice kiss on his cheeks and parted bowing respectfully as could be natural on part of any courteous and friendly hostess. 

The Weird Part of It

All these seem quite natural but when Joe came to learn about the reality; he was stunned to know that the cute damsel who called herself Anna; was no human being but a human like robot. She is no ordinary robot but has the sensing capabilities like normal human beings. Many people will think that imagining the existence of such robots is only a myth but the fact is that it has now turned out to be the bare truth. Scientists and designers have tried for quite some time to create robots that will not only clone the human counterparts but will have some human traits in them as well. They have ultimately succeeded in accomplishing this objective though in a limited way.


Display at the CES

People who distaste artificial intelligence will try to stay away from such robots but that is how the latest robots manufactured by Toshiba looks like and the model was displayed recently in the CES at Las Vegas. The robot that was displayed looks, talks and cries as well as sings like the ordinary human beings. They have natural resemblance with Japanese people as the manufacturer company and designers belong to the land of the rising sun. For many viewers the scenario was just a little creepy. More so because the robotic being was a woman who inspired immediate attention and sympathy of the viewers.

Chihira Alco

The humanoid robot named ChihiraAlco is made such that it looks like a cute Japanese hostess at the age of 32. Mission of the designers as pronounced is to create effective communication between the humans and non-humans using the robotics technologies. It is not a completely new project and the first of the prototypes were displayed in October last year at the CEATEC Japan. This was the biggest trade show held in Japan in 2014 but at that point of time the robot was yet to be fully developed and was able to communicate only in the simplest forms of Japanese sign language.

A Multilingual Specimen

The robot is no more restricted to simple Japanese sign language and is now able to introduce herself in another widely spoken language; English; like any other human being. Designers have taken pains to ensure that the features and movements of the humanoid robot resembles their human counterparts nicely and they aimed to have the robot use in the commercial world as well.

It is Not All

However the scientists who designed the humanoid women version of the robot also make it clear that it is not the end of their inventions and designing. On the contrary they are trying to infuse the sensory system in the robot that will bring out automatic human like responses to any action or activity. The scientists working on them are busy in devising ways and means to ensure this and when this happens the resemblance of the robot with their human counterpart would be something not seen hitherto.

Objective for Use

Manufacturers and designers have specific objective for using the humanoid robot for the purpose of helping elderly people. Especially the robot will help those having dementia and for them the robot can work as counselor or doctor. This will be great help not only for the people in advanced ages requiring help and support but also for the treating physicians, nurses and family members seeking to support them but constrained for time. Many people are already looking ahead waiting for the improved version of the robot with automatic response.

It seems that the new android may have answers to many problems addressing them effectively including parents searching for childcare maid during their absence from home. Till now there are rooms for improvement in the robot, especially the jerky movements, but once the small issues are addressed it could be very helpful on multiple counts. 855 Emerson Road Alexandria, LA 71301