TinyOwl – The Best way to Order Food Online

TinyOwl – The Best way to Order Food Online

Among all the vital requirements food is  basic requirement. Thus young minds presents the new idea based on  amalgamation of technology of Smartphone Apps and food ordering. Now you can order online food using mobile apps. Presently there are so many food apps are available in your app section of your smartphone from where you can order food online. There are so many benefits of using online apps for food  delivery. In unknown areas you don’t need to look telephone directory simply you need to use your mobile app for accessing all the information that could be accessible. Recently A Mumbai based start-up launched an app known as Tinyowl for online food ordering it is an app like swiggy where you can order food of your choice.

If you are craving for Punjabi, Mughalai, Chinese, Italian, Dessert, or starter you can use Tinyowl any time any moment and this would never disappoint you.

Salient features of Tinyowl App:

1) More than one order simultaneously:

The worst situation is when you want to order more than one dish but from different restaurants in that situation Tinyowl would be helpful for you. You can order from more than one place simultaneously. Although Tinyowl app is not providing the facility of joint payment and you need to pay separately. In such a situation you would order for two times and it would record as two separate orders and all the proceedings would take place as a separate order.

2) Referral code option:

You can also use referral code option in your app to avail the cashback of Rs.50 on every first time use of referral coupon. To avail the use of referral code you need to refer it to your friend or acquaintances and they need to enter your referral code for their first order. Once the order deliver at their place. You would accredit with the cashback of Rs.50 and your friend would get discount of Rs.150.

3) Informative Feature:

You would get all the information by notification option available in app. It would inform you about any upcoming offer, any new change took place in app or any recent update.

4) Interface:

Simple easy to use interface is best interface since it helps in quick loading of app so you don’t need to worry about strong internet connection your app would work in slow internet connection. It is easy to operate and understand for first time users also

5) Menu Option:

Nothing could be better than availability of all food options at one platform for every kind of food lover. Whether you are with your friends or with your family you have all options available in your phone just a click away.

6) Payment Options:

Sometimes before ordering food we use to debit cash from our debit card to make payment, but Tinyowl app is providing options of card payment and cash payment along with that you can also avail the option of Tinyowl wallet where you can make payment cashless.

7) Location Detection:

Once you order food you don’t need to worry that how your delivery would reach your place. He would automatically detect your location using GPS feature of this app.

Tinyowl  app that provides you the experience of Online app lunch and increasing its presence day by day. Presently it is available in 6 cities across India which soon going to expand.

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