Tips for Advanced Search of Rental Homes on

Tips for Advanced Search of Rental Homes on

The search for rental accommodation never dwindles. This demand is driven in major cities primarily because of the people who have migrated there for work or education (in some cases). Anyone who has to change homes or move to a new city to find one can now make use of to zero in on the property of choice. It is not difficult to find the appropriate rental properties using the portal to search them. tries and alleviates all end user concerns related to house search online. It uses technology and data analysis to identify the needs of people searching for rental properties. Therefore when the agents of the portal visit a property to verify it, they gather all possible information that an end user may seek related to the house. It is this comprehensive insight into the end user demands that has allowed for advanced search for rental properties on portal. Assume you are looking for a house for rent in Bangalore. Following are the tips to search for one effectively.


Tip One

Apart from the budget, it is helpful to decide which area would you want the house in. You can decide on an area in the city by assessing the DSL Maps provided on The DSL page is a creation of the Data Science team of and it provides unique insights into vital property trends associated with a city. You can find the hot spots for rental properties, prevailing prices in different localities, areas with huge demand for rental properties and even those locations which are good to bring up young children. The DSL maps are of help for investors as well as house seekers.

Tip Two

When a person searches for rental houses in Bangalore, he/she ma have to lookup for particular kind of house in mind. One may want a semi furnished or a fully furnished home. There might be a need for at least two bathrooms. Or else, someone might be looking for certain societal amenities like parking and gym. To help people find homes quickly, has included a large number of filter options in the map search view. A person is able to isolate homes according to area, listing date, listed by(owner/broker), number of bathrooms, kind of flat amenities and more. These options are self explanatory and one is advised to look through them to find the rental home of their choice with considerable ease.

Tip Three

Focus on the markers that appear first. Whenever the search results for rental properties in Bangalore are revealed, there is the option to explore the locality and then select properties by zooming in. However one would also notice that the number of houses found seem more than the number of markers seen. This is because the portal uses probability analysis based on the end user’s choice and the filter options selected to list those homes first which have a higher probability of being selected. Therefore one can save time by going through those properties first.

Tip Four

To view houses according to price or area, one can sort the list on the right side of the map and then go ahead with each house one by one.

In Conclusion

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