Upgrading iPhone of iPad to Version 8

Upgrading iPhone of iPad to Version 8

Upgrading devices and software is the trend in the market today. Most consumers desire to have the use of latest and best technologies that are around The same analogy applies to the iPhone and iPads, a couple of most important products marketed by Apple, one of the lead players in the domain of mobile devices. The pertinent question for the prospective user is whether he or she should upgrade to version 8 of iOS when still higher versions like the 8.1.3 are available in the market.

Information That Can Help

There is certain information that can help the buyer take an informed decision about the upgrading and it’s utility. Learning the pros and cons of the upgrading process and its ultimate impact could help one substantially. The new operating system of Apple is applicable to all its products such as the iPad, iPhone as well as the iPad touch. An analysis of the pros and cons can decide for the ultimate user whether it would be prudent going for the upgrade.


Varying Requirements for Varying Model

There are divergent models of the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod etc and the requirements will vary with the variance of the model. Some models are not compatible with the iOS 8 and thus there is considerable speed reduction when the operating system is uploaded on the same. However that is not the sole question and there are multiple other questions to be taken into consideration.

Consideration Regarding the Version

If one is upgrading to a new version, why should he or she upgrade to any version that is not the latest in the ranks? By the time the question of upgrading to the version 8 is coming up already there are other versions that are more advanced available in the market such as the 8.1.3 version and there is also the rumor that the version 9 is now coming up.

Basic Factors involved In Upgrade

There are certain basic factors that are involved in the upgrading of the iOS and to version8.  It is iOS that works as the operating system for the Apple products. Officially the iPhone4s, iPad2, 5th Generation iPod Touch are some of the versions that are compatible to iOS8. For the holders of these devices free upgrade to iOS8 is available. But once again the basic question for the user is would it be good upgrading to iOS8?

Factors for Consideration

While iOS8 upgrade comes for free for advanced devises, there are also a number of smaller upgrades that come handy for the less advanced Apple devices. Surprisingly there are no major differences between the smaller upgrades taken together and iOS8 upgrade. Smaller upgrades include security, fixes and other minor issues addressed through them. However there is one advantage of upgrading to 8 versions from its predecessor iOS7. The upgrading gives the user all the app benefits that are associated with these smaller upgrades.

Higher Upgrades

There are several higher upgrades to the iOS8 like the iOS 8.0.1, iOS 8.0.2 and iOS 8.1 for instance. The first one was applicable for only a couple of hours and was thereafter pulled out. The reason is that it lacked the basic feature of stability and devices using them could not connect to their home networks of Apple. While the next version addressed most of the issues that the users faced with the first version, it also did not stay for long as the designers were already finding out newer version in 8.1.

Improvements with 8.1 Version

This version was a major update of the iOS8 version marketed by Apple. A number of changes were introduced with the upgrades in the iOS and most notable among them was the return of the camera roll that was not in iOS8 version.  The other notable upgrade was Apple Pay using the plus NFC chip. Entire upgrade 8.1comes to only 128 MB and it comes free of cost for Apple device users.

Some other important introductions in the 8.1 version are the iCloud Photo Library in its beta version with which images as well as videos can be shared across multiple devices. Apple Pay supports both iPhone 6 as well as the 6 Plus in United States. It also provides alerts if the power is running low or the space are low as well.

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