What The Technology World Has to Offer in 2015

What The Technology World Has to Offer in 2015

The world of technologies is highly volatile and what was new and innovative a few days back could well be heading to the cold storage having become obsolete and out of trend. At the same time the scientists and designers are consistently on the job trying to develop consistently the gadgets and technologies used in the industry and that is why one sees newer gadgets coming up at regular intervals in the market. Similar developments are also expected to take place in the current year and many new gadgets are likely to hit the market in 2015. What would one expect from them and what are some of the best projections of the year could make an interesting reading for the viewers.

We start viewing what the tech giants in the market have to offer for the buyers in 2015.

Apple Watch

Apple is going to launch the new Apple Watch soon and it is the first of the new products of the company to hit the market in 2015. The specifications are yet to come out in details in public as the company designers are still on job with the device.

Windows 10

Users of Windows 8 have been facing some nagging problems like not having the platform and device independence. Windows 10 is likely to overcome these problems soon as it has been designed to work on all devices that include everything conceivable from smart phones and laptops through Xbox, tablets, and even the desktops. There is the option to change the interface using the tool called Continuum installed in the Windows 10.

Galaxy S6

Samsung is going to launch its new flagship device Galaxy S6 in the first part of this year. This is going to be the biggest upgrade of the Samsung Galaxy phone till date. That is perhaps the reason why Samsung has given the device the codename of “Zero”. It seems that Samsung has some big plans about their newest production Galaxy S6. They have launched as many as six different smart phones last year but this year they are launching Galaxy S6 on one hand and several watches on the other those are likely to be appreciated in the users’ circles. But the greatest news about the tech giant is that currently they are working on a bendable screen phone that could take the phone world by storms. It would be the first of its type.

Microsoft Surface Mini

Microsoft had planned to launch a mini version of their surface tablet during the spring of 2014 but it might get delayed and they ultimately settled for the much larger full sized Surface Pro 3. But the idea of its mini version is not yet scrapped and there are chances of the mini scrap seeing the daylights during the year 2015.

Larger iPod from Apple

Unlike Microsoft, Apple is now designing a new version of iPad which will be larger than usual with 12 inch screen and matching display. The device has not yet come up but is likely to come up in the year 2015. It will be a unique experience for all the iPad users who are accustomed to the smaller screen and their matching resolution.

HTC’s Newest Version

When HTC launched the HTC 1 in the year 2013 it started a new trend in the market. At that point of time it was the only one that could match the quality and strength of build of the Apple iPhone and they expect to continue the trends during the current year in 2015 as well. It is expected that their new version will come up sometimes during March or April of the year 2015.

Oculus Rift

A new launch will be the Oculus Rift that will come up by the end of the year 2015. It is one of those headsets that really impressed everyone around. Users may look forward to using the Rift not only for gaming but also for social networking, virtual concerts, as well as interactive movies. All these will be new and unforgettable experience for them.

A couple of other gadgets that are likely to make waves in the users’ circle would be the VR headset marketed by Sony that is designed to function with the PlayStation4 and touch version of Microsoft Office for their famous Windows operating system. Both are likely to appear in the market for the buyers in 2015 It seem that 2015 has much to offer for gadget lovers.

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