Why Yellow Pages Isn’t the Best Way to Look for Professionals?

Why Yellow Pages Isn’t the Best Way to Look for Professionals?

There is a general perception among people that probably sticking onto yellow pages is the only way out to find professionals. While they agree that it certainly not the best way; they feel that there isn’t any other way out, and even in this exciting age of technology, companies are unable provide a reasonable solution.The perception is justified, because even for 2 decades from the time internet came into fray, no one really bothered to do anything about it, therefore, even in 2012 people stuck their neck out for professionals, they went on with yellow pages – just dial for an example which was telephonic version of yellow pages, and the only avenue they could use to find professionals.

It is not that companies didn’t venture into this field; it is just that they failed miserably, not because they lacked resources, but they lacked vision. While some of them persisted for some years, others winded up in less than a year, and for a common man, the field looked saturated, and the credibility of yellow pages just cemented further.

Dialing yellow pages wasn’t an easy task, for people used to brace themselves to get numerous calls, and repeat their requirements over and over again to multiple callers. Moreover their rates were not fixed, they would just quote any amount arbitrarily and make numerous phone calls, although there were 15-20 options, it didn’t help, instead it further complicated the process, as people had to match both services and value for money, and decide which was the best. Also, professions who started out as newbie didn’t have enough resources to compete against the big guns, and it all used to end in disappointment.Then came websites promising to get professionals, they looked nice, but the problem was that they were nothing more than a mere extension of telephonic yellow page, and hence turned out to be e-yellow pages.

With bleak future in the segment, there were many players, who decided to bridge the gap, and rejuvenate the sector, but as old habits die hard, incompetence did not died down. The apps lacked vision, and no one knew how to get a head start to deliver a better experience. Looked as if it needed another generational shift, android just wasn’t a good enough platform for them to deliver, just like internet.

But during the course of time, some folks took it differently, and they took various approaches to decipher the problem, but getting professionals is a daunting task, considering that they may rationalize their tariff based on value they deliver. It straight up went against both neutrality and would have seemed like an attempt to intrude into user’s territory, and it all looked very vague idea, which never interested any app developers, nevertheless, some still went with it, insisting that it was the best way to get into the sector.

Others were rebellious, notably downloading UrbanClap app, they didn’t take things lying down, and decided that although they were all up for the neutrality principle, they will still list all the professionals, and since charging fees for acting as professional marketplace would have been counterproductive, they innovated a free model, wherein no professional had disadvantage. And all they needed to get started was real skills and rigorous background checks.

Well initially users liked it, although some professionals found that it was too competitive, and voiced their opinion against it, but as things always move to remove bottlenecks in the system, the professionals too accepted it as a part radical change. Even now, for that matter, UrbanClap doesn’t favorably list any professionals, it seeks to maintain objectivity. That’s what really makes it an innovative app, and with a number of services listed and going strong, this seems to be remarkable and the first breakthrough in finding quality professionals.

Although how UrbanClap would evolve itself in this dynamic field is yet to be seen, it has certainly established itself as one of the benchmarks in providing quality professionals for all sort of services.

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