Your Pet Animal Could Be A Robot

Your Pet Animal Could Be A Robot

If one thinks about domesticated pet animal then the first image that would come to one’s mind is that of a dog. There are others like cats, cows, goats, parrots and many others, even fishes in the aquarium but dog always will retain the top position as one of the most favorite pet animals and also as one of the most trusted friends of human beings. But what if; the dog that is one’s pet is not a living animal but a robot? It might sound strange but it is true and that has now become possible with the latest invention in the field of robotics. The new invention is not like the earlier prototypes but something with multiple unique features.

The Designer Company

It is the Boston Dynamics that is owned by one of the most popular sites in the world; Google; that has come up with the latest invention of robotic dogs. The robot is unique in many ways and can climb the stairs with its four legs and it can also trot easily over the rough terrains and it recovers from a kick to the ribs even more easily. This means the robotic dog is useful in many ways, resembles its living counterpart, and it is also four legged species that can do things that were not hitherto possible for the robotic dogs.

Enters the Robotic Dog

The company that manufactured and is going to market the robot put it public only around four days back on 9th February 2015 and the world witnessed the new arrival through an You Tube video release. The video caught the attention of viewers instantly and within just four days the number of viewers crossed one million marks. The robot is known as “Spot” and it is powered by electricity and moves along using hydraulic pumps and valves integral to its system.

Point of Difference

This is not the first of the robotic dogs created by Boston Company as they have created others earlier. But the Spot is much smaller in size in comparison to their previous models like the Big Dog and others. A comparison of the sizes and weight of the two models will confirm this as Spot weighs only 160 pounds or 73 kg in comparison to the Big Dog which was 240 pounds or 109 kg. However the small robot is not like lapdog either and it rather resembles the Great Dane and will certainly come in the group of the six strangest robots that were ever created. In any case, Spot introduces a new breed of robotic dogs that can climb and also trot.


What the Video Reveals

The video released by Boston Dynamics displays the robotic dog strolling casually in the hallways. The location seems to be the new headquarter of the company at Waltham in Massachusetts. In order to go further inside the hall the robot uses its head. The head is manufactured using sensors and these are the components that help the robot find its way through all areas including the rough terrains and also to climb on the stairs and trot whenever necessary.

Steadying After Impact

One of the roles played by the sensor in the head of the robot is that it can help the robotic dog steady itself after sustaining a blow to head or any other part of its structure. The video clearly demonstrates this aspect without explaining why such treatment was dealt out to the robotic animal by the attackers. But the demonstration was clearly aimed at displaying the capability of the Spot to get up and steady itself even after toppling over.

Crossing Over Uneven Terrains

These robots are created with the capability of traveling over uneven terrains. Moreover they can navigate easily through the patches of trees as well as huge obstacles like rock piles and others and even can climb on the set of concrete stairs. The robot is a view to enjoy while trotting over the parking space or the lawns in the house premises.

A comparison of the Spot with Big Dog can be seen in the last part of the video where the big brother seems to be a rhino in comparison to the sprightly Spot. Of course the detailed specification of the robot dog is yet to come and it might reveal some new features that prospective buyers may like. 855 Emerson Road Alexandria, LA 71301